Great Variety- Our Bulk Department is filled with a wide variety of spices, fresh nut butters, locally milled organic flours, beans, grains, snacks baking supplies, Fair Trade Coffees, and more.

Great Value – Foods sold in bulk are typically less expensive than their packaged counterparts because you do not have to pay for the packaging. By using and reusing your containers, you can also reduce the amount of trash going into our environment.

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This way of shopping can help you eat well on a budget. Need just a pinch of parsley, a handful of quinoa for a special recipe or want to experiment with that gluten-free flour? No need to break the bank: Bulk allows you to buy as much, or as little, as you need. You can try new things and keep perishable purchases fresh by buying in smaller amounts.

How to Buy Bulk – Reduce packaging and buy only the amount you need by buying in bulk. Here’s how:

  • Use one of our bags (free) or deli cups (25¢) or bring your own container to the registers to be weighed.
  • Fill your container with product. (One product per container, please.)
  • Record the PLU number from the product dispenser on your twist tie or on the container itself.

The cashier will deduct the empty container weight when ringing up the product.